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Highlight for Album: BRONWEN GARNER

Bronwen Garner was born and lives in Melbourne. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Garner has held 5 solo exhibitions since graduating at both GILLIGAN GRANT GALLERY and public gallery spaces such as Craft Victoria and Linden in St Kilda, Australia. She has particpated in numerous group exhibitions including Troop at Gilligan Grant Gallery, New Australian Ceramists, SOFA Chicago USA and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in Fitzroy, Melbourne."I create these works by painting sheets of colour which I then cut into pieces, arrange and attach to a background. The process of pulling things apart and putting them back together in a different way captures my imagination. This technique provides an element of play that is an integral part of the creative practice that directs and produces this work. The freedom to rearrange, add and subtract aspects of each composition as it evolves informs this play. Colours are mixed and shapes are cut and arranged in an improvised manner with little preconception of what the end result may be. As each work is created and shapes are cut, the left over pieces fall and collect within my work space. Their accumulation in this area means that they may potentially become parts of other works. My use and combination of colour and shape within each work is intuitive. Decisions about colour are often connected to barely conscious memories of colour schemes from objects, images and places that I have had a past or present connection with: a felt mobile, the curtains in my childhood bedroom, a piece of fabric. The character of the shapes I cut is determined by those that are already part of the developing composition or those that lie around my work space. Colours and shapes that are included, are so because they create harmony, tension and contrast with those that they sit next to or cross paths with." Bronwen Garner's most recent series of works is called, 'More than a Feeling'.Click image on the left to access available artworks.

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Highlight for Album: ANASTASIA WILTSHIRE

Anastasia Wiltshire has a Bachelor of Fine Art (Distinction) from RMIT University, Melbourne. Since graduation she has held 4 solo exhibitions and been part of many group exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally. Wiltshire has a remarkable 'awards history' being a finalist in the Siemens Scholarship Award, awarded The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, a finalist in the Flanagan Art Prize and the winner of the University of Ballarat Emerging Artist Prize alongwith numerous other finalist awards throughout Australia. Her work is a captivating fusion of classical elements within a contemporary framework. The subject matter in her work evokes a sense of stillness and contemplation. Her figures stand alone or in small groups seemingly within a sacred space. Wiltshire says," I often fuse my figures with the open interior space within a composition. I achieve this sense of figure and space through layers and light veils of paint - usually transparent. My work is a visual form of meditation and I attempt to recreate the act of gentle contemplation". Click image on the left to access original artworks and limited edition prints currently available by Anastasia Wiltshire. Her new series of paintings is titled 'Fragments'. Click image on the left to view paintings.

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Highlight for Album: GENEVIEVE MCLEAN

Genevieve McLean has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing) from RMIT, Melbourne and a Diploma of Art (Visual Art)from Box Hill TAFE. In 2010 she was selected as a finalist in the Williamstown Contemporary Art Award and in 2009 selected for the Yering Station Sculptural Award after being awarded winner in 2004 and 2006. McLean held her first solo exhibition at Yarra Sculpture Gallery in Abbotsford, Melbourne and subsequently a solo exhibition at GILLIGAN GRANT GRANT GALLERY in 2011. She has been part of numerous group exhibitions namely Object D’Winter at Gilligan Grant Gallery in 2010, the West Space Annual Show and at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts in St Kilda. McLean works predominantly with 3 dimensional objects placed within a fixed space such as a traditional bell jar or contemporary perspex box. Her work is sculptural and sometimes extends beyond a jar or box and stands alone as a singular piece. McLean says, "I construct a series of moulds in the form of skulls and bones, animals, birds and flowers within an array of vivid dioramas. Within the dioramic space I represent the balance and harmony of nature. The heart, morphs with flora. Flowers boldly fluorescent in colour spring up and out of forms and emphasize a new existence. Birds lie on exquisite pillows, like precious ballas from the heavens. Skulls grin and sparkle as flowers sprout from their brows, all beautifully describing lifes opulence and deaths exaggerations." Click image on the left to view original artworks currently available.

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Highlight for Album: HAYLEY SCILINI

Hayley Scilini is a newly represented artist at GILLIGAN GRANT GALLERY. She has a Master of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (both with Distinction) and a Bachelor of Arts, Textile Design all from RMIT University, Melbourne. Scilini was born and lives in Melbourne, Australia. In 2010 she was a recipient of the RMIT Siemens Fine Art Travelling Scholarship and in 2011 won a prize for a painting installation which formed part of her Master of Fine Arts Degree. Scilini is predominantly concerned with the selection and placement of colour. She utilises colour as a message of energy, order and "spatial ambiguity". The diverse scale of Scilini's paintings capture both the small intimate gathering of colour and also explore the larger scale installations that enfold the viewer. More recently her use of colour has shifted and her compositions express an 'organic' palette fused with 'electric blocks' of pink, blue and yellow. Scilini is inspired by geometric painting where the triangular shapes and ends form a dominant part of the composition. Lately, her work relies more heavily on 'colour blocks' of rounded forms and melted shapes.

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Highlight for Album: KATE MCCARTHY

Kate McCarthy was born in Brisbane and lives in Hobart. She completed in 1993 at the Queensland College of Art a Bachelor in Fine Art Illustration and in 1995 at Victoria University a Bachelor in Digital Art. In 2000, she attended Curtin University enrolled in the Bachelor in Contemporary Art. Kate McCarthy has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Victoria, Queensland and Victoria. "Within my work I'm trying to find a point which takes the viewer to comfort and memory. I have a theory: we identify with forms that have four limbs, or in the case of furniture, legs. I lean toward the abstract - through the use of pattern,colour and form. Like reading a book, the audience is as integral to my work as the work itself. And while the work is at times detailed and chaotic, I like to leave some space".

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Highlight for Album: CHERIE WINTER

Cherie Winter was born in Nowra in New South Wales and studied at the College of Fine Arts at the New South Wales University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Later she completed a Graduate Diploma in Art Education and a Diploma of Multimedia. Winter has held 8 solo exhibitions. Fascinated by artists interpretations of the landscape, influenced by Rick Amor, Dale Cox and the Tasmanian Eco Warriors and how they echo the altering ground. "I am moved by Indigenous art and culture and its relationship to the land". Winter has participated in several group exhibitions throughout Australia namely at, the Geelong Gallery, the Australian Print Workshop, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery and Warrnambool Art Gallery. She was awarded the Collie Print Trust Victorian Printmakers Scholarship from the Australian Print Workshop. Winter is an accomplished print maker and her work has been collected by the National Gallery of Australia, Charles Sturt University, Maitland City Art Gallery and private collections throughout Australia and internationally. In 2010 her work was featured in a group exhibition of Australian printmakers held in London. Click image on the left to access original artworks currently available.

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Highlight for Album: WENDY BEATTY

Wendy Beatty specialises in black and white photography. Her works express a powerful representation of the female form and the female pysche. More recently her images explore the fragility and yet constant resilience of the natural environment - most specifically the Tasmanian landscape. Beatty completed a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University in Warrnambool. In 1998 she studied at the National Photo Training College in Melbourne and in 1999, she returned to Warrnambool to complete a (First Class) honours degree followed in 2004 by the completion of her Master of Arts in Photography at Deakin University. In 2010 she embarked on her Post Doctorate Degree (PhD)with a study based on the relationship between art, gender and the landscape. Beatty's images rely heavily on light and dark and marks and scratches to highlight the tactility and vulnerability of both the female body, the landscape and the photographic process itself. Beatty's work is dealing with the notion of the visual ideal and through the represeneation of the marks and scratches she challenges this ideal with something else. Beatty writes, "as a woman working in the photographic medium, I am consistently drawn back to the recognized female form as a subject to work with. In doing so, I found I was not challenged with more popular forms of representation, but confronted with idealism. In my work, I seek to appropriate the female figure, using visual means to draw the eye both to and away from possible ideals. By combining the impromptu and instinctive movement of the sitters with the manipulated surface of the images, my aim is to expand or re-visualize ways of seeing the body." Both framed and unframed works are available in the gallery stockroom. Please refer to the gallery website for a full list of available images. Note: photographic works by Wendy Beatty are either a one off work or an edition of only two. Currently, Wendy Beatty is working on a new body of work as part of her PhD study.

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Highlight for Album:  HANNAH MURRAY

Hannah Murray current series of paintings continue to feature the use of vintage wallpapers. These paintings are a unique combination of paint, pen and pencil. Hannah has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from James Cook University in Queensland. Since her graduation she has held 9 solo exhibitions and been a represented artist with our gallery for the past 10 years. Hannah has participated in numerous group exhibitions most recently at Brush and Press Studio Space in Townsville. Her work is a delicate statement on the vulnerability of life. Click image on the left to access original artworks and limited edition prints currently available. Her recent artworks are available for viewing at the gallery or here on the website.

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Highlight for Album: JANE CHANDLER

Melbourne artist Jane Chandler has a degree in Fine Art, from the Philip Institute of Technology. A winner of awards for her ceramic work, Jane's sculpture has been acquired for major collections, including the State Craft Collection. Jane has had solo exhibitions of painting and sculpture and also participated in many group exhibitions. She was recently short listed for the Nillumbik Prize. "In recent years my main focus has been still life painting, using a collection of everyday domestic objects. I like to spend a lot of time setting up my disparate group of objects before I start to paint. Lost, and now reclaimed, they live again on the canvas like characters playing out their roles on a stage. I like to find the natural patterns that exist in everything, and I am interested in the changes in patterns when objects are placed together."

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Highlight for Album: THERESE GILLIGAN

Therese Gilligan lives and works in Melbourne and has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Visual Arts both from the University of Melbourne. She has held 6 solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions. A finalist in several competitions such as the McArthur Cook Art Award and the Tattersalls Contemporary Art Award. Several of her paintings are part of the Contemporary BHP Billiton Collection and the VICRoads Art Collection. The first 15 years of her practice explored the position of the girl and the young woman in contemporary culture. Her observation and fascination of the female portrayal in contemporary and historical literature and mass media generated the theoretical base for her work. More recently, Gilligan's work focuses on the use of the object, text and colour rather than the figure itself to reveal the innocent. Her compositions continue to explore the simplicity and sacredness of innocence. Recent works can be viewed online (click image on the left) or at GILLIGAN GRANT GALLERY.

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Highlight for Album: PARIS TREMAYNE

Geometric, striking, complex, words that best describe the paintings of Melbourne based painter Paris Tremayne. These works are generally large scale paintings that present to the viewer a 'field' of bold colour densely placed side by side - each colour reacting to the other. Tremayne challenges our visual palette with these works and brings a fresh and invigorating result by playing with not only colour but importantly shape and placement." My pictures are utterly incomprehensible and yet I continue to obsessively create them.The paintings have an existence of their own and speak for themselves.I feel strongly that in life as in art the point isn't conscious understanding but rather an ever expanding sense of what appears to be constantly changing, yet is ultimately 'forever abiding' dancing awareness".

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Highlight for Album: COCO MEACHAM

Coco Meacham's visual language echoes (and reimagines) the built environment, particularly its often overlooked interiors and exteriors. Through the exploration of colour and line, these everyday spaces and forms take on their own sense of self and character outside of function and context.

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